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BetterMember Rocks - Home Page

Welcome to BetterMember Rocks!

  • Take your time to decorate your rock.
  • Secure the QR code somewhere on the rock.
  • Get to know your rock.
  • Track them on their journey.
  • What is a BetterMember Rock ? - You select a rock to decorate and hide in the world for others to find and bring a smile to their face as well as yours. BetterMember Rocks come with a QR code that is unique to the rock and the codes are case sensitive. These QR codes give your creation a little bit of life. Your rocks will create their own web page on this website and e-mail you when it is ready. With this website, when others find the rock they can leave messages on the rocks web page. When a message is left you will recive another e-mail from your rock updating you on their journey.

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